Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

PMRS Inc. strives for improving pharmaceutical compounding through Process Analytical Technology (PAT). PAT offers many advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes;it has been defined by a mechanism to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of Critical Process Parameters during the manufacturing process. The PAT platforms at PMRS Inc. make continuous process […]

On the Path to Real Time Release

As a leader in a constantly evolving field, PMRS has adopted many cutting-edge and emerging technologies. These advanced systems serve to simultaneously reduce cost and increase quality, ensuring our customers are provided with world-class products and unparalleled value. Near Infrared (NIR) A revolutionary NIR system is used to check for content uniformity via spectroscopy in […]

The Analytical Lab

While other companies have cut costs, PMRS has invested in the future. We have constructed a state-of-the-art, 11,000 square-foot analytical laboratory. Whether through dedicated contracts or individual quotes, this advanced facility will ensure continued production of superior pharmaceuticals. The analytical lab boasts: Capacity for 50 HPLC’s and 30 dissolution baths Wireless temperature/humidity control and monitoring […]

ICP-MS Testing

$1000 per sample, $8000 for 8 to 10 samples. Standard 5 day turnaround. No initial evaluation fee. Fully quantitative analysis. Full integration into our LabWare LIMS electronic notebook system. Minimal sample quantity required for analysis. Very low detection limits (ppb to ppt). Elemental Impurities ICP-MS Analysis PMRS has incorporated mass spectrometry into the pharmaceutical release […]

Chemical Analysis Equipment List

ICP-MS Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography High Performance Liquid Chromatography UV/VIS detection Diode Array detection Fluorescence detection Total Organic Carbon Analyzer UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Dissolution Apparatus 1 and 2 apparatus 1 and 2 liter vessels In-Line UV reads Stability Environmental Chambers/ ICH Compliant Stability Chambers 5°C 25°C/60%RH 30°C/65%RH 30°C/75%RH 40°C/75%RH -20°C -80°C Photostability Adjustable reach-in chambers to […]

Release Testing

At PMRS, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest services and highest quality products for the lowest cost. We are pleased to offer services that others cannot, and we are always looking toward the future, investing in cutting edge technology, systems, and experts in order to bring our clients the best service in the industry. […]

Raw Materials

Our Raw Materials laboratory is equipped with expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment to perform full USP/EP/JP testing of excipients, APIs, and packaging components. We have the resources to source, purchase, and quickly release materials using automated technology (such as Near-IR), thereby accelerating project timelines and reducing project costs. Raw Materials Equipment List: ICP-MS pH meter […]

Method Development and Validation

Since our founding in 1994, PMRS has validated hundreds of analytical methods in various product formulations. From tablets and capsules to creams and extrusions, we will work closely with you to achieve superior quality for the lowest cost. Our methods are: Developed and validated according to either specific client requirements or our own extensive Standard […]