RFID Tracking

RFID technology is frequently promoted as a process advantage which can revolutionize supply chain logistics. In the pharmaceutical industry, applications for RFID include track-and-trace and ePedigree systems, where RFID offers feature-rich electronic tracking. At PMRS, the promise of RFID’s competitive advantage has been realized: PMRS has incorporated RFID readers throughout our facility, with direct integrations […]

On the Path to Real Time Release

As a leader in a constantly evolving field, PMRS has adopted many cutting-edge and emerging technologies. These advanced systems serve to simultaneously reduce cost and increase quality, ensuring our customers are provided with world-class products and unparalleled value. Near Infrared (NIR) A revolutionary NIR system is used to check for content uniformity via spectroscopy in […]

The Analytical Lab

While other companies have cut costs, PMRS has invested in the future. We have constructed a state-of-the-art, 11,000 square-foot analytical laboratory. Whether through dedicated contracts or individual quotes, this advanced facility will ensure continued production of superior pharmaceuticals. The analytical lab boasts: Capacity for 50 HPLC’s and 30 dissolution baths Wireless temperature/humidity control and monitoring […]

Purified Water System

A reliable and predictive water treatment process is imperative for the production of world class pharmaceuticals. PMRS makes use of the most advanced and efficient technologies to provide USP water 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. See more about how PMRS has maximized the reliability, predictability, and quality of […]