Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

PMRS Inc. strives for improving pharmaceutical compounding through Process Analytical Technology (PAT). PAT offers many advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes;it has been defined by a mechanism to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of Critical Process Parameters during the manufacturing process. The PAT platforms at PMRS Inc. make continuous process […]

On the Path to Real Time Release

As a leader in a constantly evolving field, PMRS has adopted many cutting-edge and emerging technologies. These advanced systems serve to simultaneously reduce cost and increase quality, ensuring our customers are provided with world-class products and unparalleled value. Near Infrared (NIR) A revolutionary NIR system is used to check for content uniformity via spectroscopy in […]

Hot Melt Extrusion (HME)

PMRS Inc. offers pharmaceutical compounding through Hot Melt Extrusion (HME). HME offers many advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The HME platform at PMRS Inc. makes continuous processing and real-time release a reality. The twin screw mixing design of hot melt extrusion results in improved content uniformity; it allows for uniform melting of excipients at […]

Manufacturing Equipment

Solid Dosage Manufacturing Twin Screw Extrusion Roller Compaction (1kg/hr, 40 kg/hr) Fluid Bed Granulators/Dryers (4L to 420L) High Shear Granulators (10L to 600L) Rotary Mills Comminuting Mills Oscillating Mills Bin Blenders (10L to 1400L Bins) High Speed Rotary Tablet Presses with Interchangeable Turret (24-Station and 36-Station) B Tooling & D Tooling Tablet Film Coaters (15″ […]