Community Commitment

*Thanks to all who participated in our most recent blood drive!* Recipient Stories/Why We’re Donors: Click Here Donor Eligibility Guidelines: Click Here or call 1-866-236-3276 Donation Tips (including tips for donating): Click Here Tips to boost your iron level: Click Here PMRS is a recurring American Red Cross Blood Donation Sponsor. The drives held at […]

Environmental Commitment

PMRS is committed to the preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources. Implementing an effective environmental management system enhances our company’s ability to achieve our long-term business objectives, while continuously improving our environmental quality. We identify, evaluate and monitor energy, water usage, recyclable materials and hazardous materials. These variables are evaluated annually by […]

Our People

At PMRS, Inc., each staff member is thoroughly involved in all aspects of the project. From customer service to production, our staff is empowered to take ownership of every detail of their projects. This across-the-table involvement decreases production time, maximizes quality, and minimizes cost. Intensive training program for employees results in products of impeccable quality. […]