Core Values

We conduct business based upon a rigid set of core values built on the highest levels of honesty, integrity, trust, and quality. These values are applicable to all levels of business and to every employee.

Customer Driven

We are CUSTOMER DRIVEN. It is our job to provide service when the customer wants it, the way the customer wants it, and at an affordable price. We are committed to doing well what the customer considers important. We will go to the “nth” degree to win our customers and keep their business.

Create Value

It is our job to CREATE VALUE for our customers. We provide products and services more quickly and more cost effectively than anyone else. It is our goal to make ourselves indispensable to our customers. We strive to anticipate and prevent problems, rather than solve them.

Knowledge Intensive

We must be KNOWLEDGE INTENSIVE. Knowing how to learn and where to get information are key skills for our business and for all of our employees. We must possess a deep knowledge of our business.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in every thing we do, everyday. The learning process allows us to improve every thing we do; every service, every product, for every customer.

Our competitive edge is the practice of simplicity. Simplicity improves the quality of our work, reduces the cost and increases the speed of our product delivery.

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