Environmental Commitment

PMRS is committed to the preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources. Implementing an effective environmental management system enhances our company’s ability to achieve our long-term business objectives, while continuously improving our environmental quality.

We identify, evaluate and monitor energy, water usage, recyclable materials and hazardous materials. These variables are evaluated annually by the PMRS EMS/EHS committee. Our goal is to limit the amount of significant impact we have on the environment.

To achieve this objective, we have:

  1. Installed new roofing system to cut energy cost approximately 30%.
  2. Installed Nitrogen gas generators as a test program for moving toward Hydrogen power
  3. Made improvements to water system to save ~250,000 gallons annually
  4. Implemented new equipment, such as RRLC and NIR, which use less energy and reduce hazardous waste.
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