Hot Melt Extrusion (HME)

PMRS Inc. offers pharmaceutical compounding through Hot Melt Extrusion (HME). HME offers many advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The HME platform at PMRS Inc. makes continuous processing and real-time release a reality.

The twin screw mixing design of hot melt extrusion results in improved content uniformity; it allows for uniform melting of excipients at low temperatures, with a short residence time, improving the mechanical characteristics of the final product. The system does not require water or other volatile solvents . HME is also an efficient process, reducing waste, and increasing bio-availability of the API. This makes HME a viable solution for poorly soluble APIs. The extrusion process at PMRS is a sealed system, making HME an ideal platform for API’s with low exposure limits.

The extrusion process reduces equipment and processing, allowing a finished product to be produced in one continuous process. With the integration of NIR mass spectrometry, PMRS Inc. is capable of performing immediate release of your product. Our electronic systems allow expedited review of the process and minimize the laborious batch review period. Products developed using the PMRS extrusion platform can be ready for shipment the same day as production.

PMRS Inc. has multiple commercial-sized extruders on site and has worked on extensive extrusion projects since 2011. The HME platform development is available for both immediate release and extended release products.

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