On the Path to Real Time Release

As a leader in a constantly evolving field, PMRS has adopted many cutting-edge and emerging technologies. These advanced systems serve to simultaneously reduce cost and increase quality, ensuring our customers are provided with world-class products and unparalleled value.

Near Infrared (NIR)

A revolutionary NIR system is used to check for content uniformity via spectroscopy in line with batch production. The distribution of unique elements in a blend is measured to determine the exact point at which the batch becomes homogenous. This method of analysis avoids the use of a thief and other cumbersome procedures to reduce production time and increase quality. This unit communicates with a remote base station computer where all data can be collected and reviewed in real time. Read more in this press release.

Agilent 1290 Infinity System

The Agilent 1290 Infinity System provides unparalleled performance in HPLC and UPLC analysis. High back pressure limits coupled with small ID tubing provide for faster analysis and decreased hazardous waste production. Further, the ISET software employed on the 1290 allows for nearly any other system on the market to be emulated via software modifications, allowing for virtually unlimited method development, validation, and transfer capabilities.

Electronic Records

PMRS’s unique electronic records system provides unequaled quality in reporting. Processes will be controlled, tested, and reported using Labware LIMS. Electronic batch processes integrate with multiple compliance systems to build quality controls into processes. Electronic records serve to reduce administration and QA review time while simultaneously increasing efficiency. By allowing operators to focus on the production processes, deviations are also prevented.

What This Means for You

With these technologies, PMRS is a step above anyone else in the industry. This means our clients can expect the highest quality products for the lowest cost, produced faster and better. These systems are an investment in both our and our customers’ futures. By adopting devices on the cutting edge we possess the capability to exceed all our clients’ present and future needs.

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