Our Quality Assurance

We achieved and maintain our high standard of quality by:

  • Holding closely our core value of Quality
  • Our commitment to quality is an integral and measured part of everything we do.
    • Quality is the responsibility of each employee.
  • Being indispensable to our customers by:
    • Solving problems through our competence, expertise, accessibility and courtesy.
    • Knowing our customers and their needs.
    • Defining end-points and the road to success.
  • Identifying, anticipating, and preventing problems
    • All projects include appropriate design control and quality planning.
    • We maintain continuous compliance to all regulatory and international standards.
    • Safety is critical to all aspects of our business.
  • Striving for Continuous Improvement
    • All employees receive continuous training in:
      • Appropriate skills
      • Current Good Manufacturing Practices
      • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Projects and services are evaluated for opportunities for improvement before, during, and after execution.
    • Cross-functional communication is mandatory.
  • Maintaining simplicity as a means of achieving quality
    • We pursue automation to streamline processes and maximize quality.
    • We strive to complete each project accurately, efficiently, and without deviation.
    • We keep organizational layers to a minimum to maximize speed and reduce cost.
    • All personnel are available to assist our customers.
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