RFID Tracking

RFID technology is frequently promoted as a process advantage which can revolutionize supply chain logistics. In the pharmaceutical industry, applications for RFID include track-and-trace and ePedigree systems, where RFID offers feature-rich electronic tracking.

At PMRS, the promise of RFID’s competitive advantage has been realized:

  • PMRS has incorporated RFID readers throughout our facility, with direct integrations to our inventory management system.
  • All materials at PMRS are tracked with a unique RFID tag, integrated in a printable “smart label”.
  • Automatic container tracking and compliance enforcement occurs in real-time, without operator input.

RFID enables assets to be logged and identified at distances far greater than any conventional barcode technology. Unlike traditional barcodes, RFID does not require line of sight to operate, and is capable of identifying numerous objects simultaneously.

By utilizing RFID technology, we are able to offer significantly improved accuracy, efficiency, and visibility of vital business processes. Our customers can continue to expect the highest quality products for the lowest cost, and an ongoing capability to provide nothing less than world-class service.

RFID Tracking was last modified: February 26th, 2015 by pmrsinc
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