The Analytical Lab

While other companies have cut costs, PMRS has invested in the future. We have constructed a state-of-the-art, 11,000 square-foot analytical laboratory. Whether through dedicated contracts or individual quotes, this advanced facility will ensure continued production of superior pharmaceuticals.

The analytical lab boasts:

  • Capacity for 50 HPLC’s and 30 dissolution baths
  • Wireless temperature/humidity control and monitoring
  • Power UPS Systems which provide continuous power until onsite generators are activated
  • A 5°C walk-in refrigerator, -20°C storage, and solvent storage unit
  • Isolated balance room with 4 weigh stations and a Class III glove box
  • 34 lab benches, 5 lab hoods, and 8 point of use exhausts (snorkels)
  • Two Miele lab glassware washers, 21 sinks, and 33 cup sinks on benches
  • Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, clean air, compressed air, vacuum, domestic hot/cold
  • Natural and recessed lighting

The analytical laboratory also implements our unique configuration of Labware LIMS. Processes will be set-up, controlled, tested, and reported using Labware LIMS. Training, SOP, and equipment requirements will be captured eliminating error. All data will be transferred and recorded electronically reducing administration time and increasing efficiency.

What This Means for You:

This world class, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory is not only an investment for our future, but our customers’ futures as well. This component of our custom facility provides our people with the flexibility to exceed all of our clients’ present and future needs.

The analytical laboratory was designed by building quality in. This allows PMRS to eliminate risks to products, reduce costs to our clients, and excel in the production of the highest quality. See how PMRS can address your analytical needs or contact us to learn more about our analytical resources.

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