PMRS is blazing a trail for the next generation of comprehensive pharmaceutical production services. Our 130,000 square foot facility was custom built to meet and exceed cGMP requirements. It houses the highest-caliber equipment, people, and safety systems that our industry has to offer.

Our facility boasts:

  • 39 Manufacturing Suites:
    • Covers 30,000 square foot
    • Low humidity suites (30% RH)
    • Light Sensitive Product Suite
    • Equipment Chases
    • Temperature and humidity controlled
    • Ability to configure to individual product requirements
  • A 16,000 square foot warehouse with 1,335 pallet positions
  • 1040 general pallet positions
  • Label cage storage (100 pallet position)
  • Class IV narcotic storage (200 pallet positions)
  • Class II narcotic storage
  • 5°C storage (64 pallet positions)
  • 2 Analytical Laboratories (11,000 square foot and 20,000 square foot)
  • Raw Materials Laboratories
  • Microbiological Laboratories
  • A purified water, USP System (RO/EDI)
  • 100% HEPA filtration
  • Backup diesel generators and power UPS systems
  • Nitrogen Generator
  • Chemical and Biological safety hoods
  • Access/Fire/Security systems
  • Computer-based building monitoring system including alarming
  • Bar-coded tracking system for materials and equipment
  • Web-based incident management systems.
  • Web-based document control system with unique client access to data, accessible 24 hours/ day
  • Steam and hydraulic hot water boiler
  • Clean, oil-less air compressor
  • Separate chemical storage and containment buildings
  • State-of-the-art energy efficient roofing system

Facility Monitoring:

  • Compressed air system: monthly viable and non-viable
  • Environmental
    • Monthly active air (bacterial and fungal)
    • Monthly non-viable particulate air sampling
    • Annual HVAC certification
  • Purified Water System
    • Day of Use (micro and chemical)
    • Weekly: Make up and rotating basis
  • Amega View facility monitoring system
  • Interior and exterior monitored security system
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